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 IMG_0735Meet Jean Marie Manning.

I have spent the greater part of my early career in the hospitality industry training my colleagues to be the best at what they do. I am a highly skilled restaurant and training specialist with over 15 years experience in customer service. Managing over 80 employees, organization, cost efficiency, effective communications, sales, management and training; along with basic knowledge of labor laws as they pertain to the hospitality industry. I had the opportunity to enter into the hospitality industry prior to college and built my career in the industry through achievable progression as server, bartender, shift supervisor/employee trainer, general manager/restaurant consultant with hands on experience.


I strongly feel I have learned very valuable skills working in the hospitality industry such as personnel problem solving, strategic employee recruitment and staffing, organization, solid communication skills and a clear understanding of labor relations.


I know that working directly with customers in a restaurant environment requires a fragile balance for the success of the organization and my training reflects that. These are some of my career highlights:


Training responsibilities include but are not limited to developing the employee manual, detailing process and flow, inventory sheets, customer service, cost controls, compliance, basic labor law as they pertain to an organization and working on the floor with new employees to make sure they properly execute required duties as well as employee development of other skills.
“I’ve been in love with the restaurant industry since I was young. I have always known what I wanted to do and have spent my entire life working towards my dream. I have been fortunate to work alongside some great talent that continues to inspire and drive me.”


Highly educated, my curriculum includes Johnson & Wales University for Business Management and WSET training. As part of my education I have become a seasoned traveler visiting vineyards and restaurants for education and learning from some of the industry leaders.


After working and studying in the industry for years, I am here to share my expertise with investors looking to launch their own properties or improve their existing businesses. I have worked with many top chain and privately owned restaurants and hotels and my international experience is a particularly invaluable asset in helping clients form their concept and restaurant identity. With my years of experience, drive, flair and passion for detail I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get dirty; my clients from around the world keep coming back for more.




I have developed a consulting business that successfully translates hotel and restaurant investor’s visions into tangible reality. From conceptualizing, to planning, to opening night and beyond, I am deeply committed to the success of each of my client’s properties, providing personalized service throughout the full scope of a successful hospitality opening or rebranding project.


For the past 15 years I have worked with the industry’s leading contributors of architecture, design, culinary, wine and management to create genuine dining experiences that work within a profitable business model. My commitment to innovation within the hospitality industry demands that I stay ahead of the trend and maintain my clients as leaders in the marketplace.


Whether you are launching your first property of your fifth, or just need to breathe life into your existing property, I can help transform your vision into reality.


Transform Your Business


Grow Your Business with a Fresh Approach


Whether you need a total rebrand or just a few subtle updates to make your business more current, we offer a variety of services to get you back on track.

Great Work


Transform Your Business Grow Your Business with a Fresh Approach


Recruit, Train, and Motivate Your Staff

Offering customized staff training programs ranging from topic-specific educational seminars to complete programs.

Subject matter includes:


* Wine Fundamentals

* Advanced Wine Knowledge

* Menu And Ingredient Knowledge

* Food And Wine Pairing

* Elevating Steps Of Service

* Building Consistency In Your Service

* Growing Customer Loyalty Programs

*  Mixology Training Specialist

*  Beverage Program development


Our Services    Your Results

Materials creation – We’ll create stimulating, on-topic supplemental materials to compliment your training program including:


* Employee Handbooks

* Policy And Procedure Manuals

* Training Manuals

* Manager Policy Logs And Manuals

* Invertory & Cost development Materials

* Employee Review Worksheets

* Human Resources Documents


A complete set of materials supporting your training program and providing ongoing standards once training has been completed. In addition, policies are written in accordance with your state governances, limiting your legal liability and assisting your management team in making employee-related decisions.

Post-session training – We’ll create follow-through programs, exams, and quizzes to assist your managers in maintaining high levels of staff performance and knowledge.      An on-going program custom designed specifically for your team and property, to arm your managers with the ammunition they need to keep your team fresh and excited.

Future-Hire Training – We’ll teach your managers to train new hires in the same, consistent method as the existing team.   A full set of customized new-hire orientation manuals and training schedules, ensuring consistent professionalism among your team and a set of expectations and accountability for new hires.



Transform Your Business

Grow Your Business with a Fresh Approach

Whether you need a total rebrand or just a few subtle updates to make your business more current or need, we offer a variety of services to get you back on track.


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